How to manage when there’s a struggle or stumble

This morning I was curious what results if you Google “should I mentor, coach, direct.” I pictured a manager faced with a team member who is struggling or has recently stumbled, and she’s trying to decide what to say or do. In most such scenarios, there is a right answer…

Ode to the woman I loved most

Did you see the moose?” the little old lady asked, her voice little more than a whisper, soft and thin. She pointed feebly. Since she had aged, and dementia had taken hold, Mom spoke less from her diaphragm. Even when she was happy, such as when bourbon was on offer…

Know your options when facing a leadership challenge

Yesterday I walked a former boss and old friend through the fundamental difference between executive coaching and management consulting. He’s a longtime CEO and general global-business superstar, yet he held a misconception I find common among CEOs, which is that executive coaching is a type of consulting engagement. When I…

Four questions to help the small or medium business leader know

If you don’t know exactly what executive coaching is, you may be in a majority. Outside of large corporations, misconceptions about executive coaching abound. It’s an observation that in my line of work, I find particularly true among leaders of small- to medium-sized businesses.

It’s unfortunate because, in many ways…

Three techniques to get through your workday when it seems the world has gone mad

This morning, the continued cries of shock and despair in my Facebook feed over the siege of the U.S. Capitol are punctuated by memes about the folly of now attempting to concentrate on a desk job.

I get it. I allowed myself to go to bed last night in a…

This more nuanced variety is the domain of great leaders

Decisiveness is a trait of great leaders. It conveys confidence, boldness, and courage. If a CEO wants her team to consistently perform at high levels, one of the most important things she can do is be reliably decisive.

Yet what I’ve learned from decades of observation as a consultant to…

Shane Kinkennon

I write about principled, person-centered leadership. And occasionally matters of the heart.

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